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Our Humble Beginnings

Oeron's roots can be traced back in 2013, when founders Ghos Gwee and Dick Soh, shared the vision of modernizing and providing innovative IT solutions to companies and SMEs. Oeron was officially incoporated in July 2013.

During that period, admist the sudden influx of IT "companies" due to generous government grants and lack of available developers, Oeron faced much competition and manpower constraints. It was a perilous time for the company. Early clients will remember Oeron's office being stationed in a warehouse unit, with it's infamous "cardbox office", an office constructed out of empty cardboard boxes to form an enclosure, complete with air-conditioning, lighting and workstations, crude, but effective, it managed to house 3 developers and an admin staff.

Through sheer hardwork and determination, Oeron began to grow and expand, gaining the trust of clients and taking on ever more challenging projects. In 2014, Oeron finally moved out of its warehouse unit and into a proper, renovated "Google-style" office in Woodlands, where it remains to this day.


Circa 2013